Some of the impressive facts about Bacalao – Dried and Salted Cod

Fish is one of the most common sea foods that are consumed across the globe in every country. The reasons that make people all over the world eat fish are many, such as easy availability, high nutritional values, and many more. There are many types of fishes available among sea foods, and bacalao is one such fish that is being consumed after drying and salting. This is the reason it is also called Dried and Salted cod. Let’s know some of the interesting and impressive facts about Bacalao:
is the Spanish name of this cod. In Portuguese, it is called bacalhau. And, in the Caribbean, it is called saltfish.

  • In ancient days, it was a major ingredient of many dishes in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.
  • Today, it is being used as a major ingredient across the globe.
  • The major producers of salted cod are Newfoundland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Norway.
  • For over 500 years, dried and salted cod has been produced and supplied all over the world.
  • The reason to dry this cod is related to its preservation because it is believed that the dried cod has more nutritional value and has a life of several years as well.
  • The reason for salting the cod is to add taste to it. Both drying and salting work together to make the cod tasty and preserve it for many years.
  • The traditional way to dry Bacalao is making use of sunshine and wind, but nowadays, heaters are used indoor to dry Bacalao.
  • In Norway, there are five grades of Bacalao. The best grade is called superior extra, followed by superior, imperial, universal, and the lowest grade is called popular.
  • Before you use it, it should be rehydrated for two-three days soaked in the water. By doing this, you will get the best taste out of it.

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