Some of the most interesting facts about Seaweed

It is one of the Seafood being consumed in different forms across the globe. For example, green seaweed

is eaten as the green salad in the Far East region. It is a good source of antioxidants and the substances that help defying the age. Moreover, it is now used to prevent several issues like cancer, strokes, etc.

The brown seaweed is a good detoxifying agent and emulsifying agent. It contains a good amount of iodine, minerals, and vitamins; therefore, helps to cure the abnormal growth of the thyroid gland. And, the red one, due to its hard surface has many uses such as the preparation of dental implants.

With so many benefits, let us see some nice facts about this seafood:

  • They grow under the ocean, but they are about nine times of the total plant life available on the earth.
  • Algae and Seaweeds contribute to the 70% of the world’s oxygen.
  • There are above 10,000 types of seaweeds across the world, but only a few are known to the people and are actually useful for the people.
  • Its history is about 3 billion years.
  • They mostly grow in shallow water, but some of them can grow up to 100 feet to touch the water surface for sunshine.
  • Some of these look like the plants, but they are algae.
  • Like plants, they rely on sunlight.
  • They are used to create several day-to-day products like shampoo, face mask, etc.
  • The giant kelp – one of its types, can grow with the furious speed of 3 meters a day.
  • The red seaweeds undergo the three stages of the life cycle.
  • They are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, and several other types of elements making them higher in protein and milk than meat and milk respectively.

These are some of the interesting facts that you may increase your knowledge about seaweeds, and make you explore more about them when you are on the seashore.