Some of the most interesting facts about Cod Oil “Møllers Tran” – Food from the Sea

It is 160 years since the people of Norway started taking Møllers Tran Cod liver oil. An entrepreneur and food enthusiast called Peter Møllers brought in one of the Norway’s oldest brands to the Norwegian market in the early 1850’s. Today Moller’s Tran is the best known cod oil brand in Norway and is also fast selling in other regions in the world.

The communities in Norway have used cod liver oil as a traditional remedy to many diseases for many centuries. The cod liver oil was used to prevent rickets and as a salve at some point. Cod liver oil was extracted from cod using traditional methods. Quality cod liver oil was not available at the time and most people did not like the taste of the product.

Peter Møllers brought in a better tasting cod liver product and made it accessible to the public. People from all walks of life could use cod liver oil for food and medicinal purposes.

Møllers Tran health benefits

The Norwegian are blessed with a large seacoast where they get their seafood. Møllers Tran is also derived from the sea fish especially the in the Norwegian Artic. Its source is an outstanding prove of how effective is the product.

Nutritional content

Omega 3 fatty acids

Møllers Tran is a rich source of your daily recommended amounts of omega 1, 2g and omega 3 fatty acids. It surpasses the amount of Omega 3 fats found in many products currently in the market.

Vitamin A and D

The Artic Cod liver contains high amounts of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body boost the uptake of calcium in the body for stronger bones.

 Vitamin E

The cod liver oil contains natural antioxidant that helps protect the body against pollution, eye disorders, and neurological problems.

Guaranteed pureness

The wild Norwegian artic cod lives in one of the purest seas around the world. It is not polluted by oil or lead deposits. When fished, it is processed in 24 hours in a quality purifying process thereby giving out quality cod liver oil.

The fatty acids from the cod liver oil are found in their natural triglyceride form. Many of the omega 3 products in the market are found in synthetic ethyl ester form. The body absorbs about 98% of the natural triglycerides.

Great taste

The natural taste of the cod liver oil puts off many people. Møllers Tran offers lemon and tutti frutti taste in addition to the natural taste.

Who can take Møllers Tran cod liver oil?

Health authorities recommend that you take cod oil from the age of a month and throughout your life. It is also an important supplement for pregnant and lactating women.